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Other Circle Tours

While some jurisdictions have allowed their portions of the Great Lakes Circle Tour to lapse and become unsigned, other organizations have been picking up the slack and designating new "circle tour" routes, some of which run along current or former portions of a Great Lakes Circle Tour route.

Lake St. Clair Circle Tour route markerLake St. Clair Circle Tour

A new initiative which has resulted in a new "Great" Lake Circle Tour route being signed in Michigan and Ontario in January 2012 circling Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River. From the organization's website:

The Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative is a public/private, non-profit association created to increase awareness, protect and develop the rich and diverse assets on and around this fresh water community.

The focus of the Initiative is:

As a first step in this process, the Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative seeks to create a dynamic and memorable communications program which builds condense and pride in the region by promoting a message of discovery/re-discovery of Lake St. Clair and its rich, varied and interesting destinations.

Georgian Bay Circle Tour/Coastal Route

Georgian Bay Coastal Route route markerThe Georgian Bay Destination Development Partnership (GBDDP), whose goal is: "To develop, position and communicate Georgian Bay as an icon tourism destination in Ontario; enhancing economic and community benefit, while respecting local traditions and environment" resurrected a large portion of Ontario's Lake Huron Circle Tour route in 2012 with the posting of a new Georgian Bay Circle Tour/Coastal Route. As part of their goal, the partnership hopes to encourage the domestic market to travel locally and to position Georgian Bay as an icon destination able to attract the international market. The GBDDP, headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, erected nearly 100 route markers denoting the new route in June 2012.